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Roosna- Alliku Manor


Roosna-Alliku Manor was established in the 17th century. In German it means a cold well or spring. A spring in Roosna-Alliku is also birthplace of the River Pärnu. And that is the reason why in old days Roosna-Alliku was called Jõelähtme (Jegelecht). Manor was named by the first owners, the Rosens. At the end of 17th century Roosna-Alliku Manor was nationalized, but it was remained to owner for rent and in the beginning of 18th century it was given back to the Rosens. Mr Rosen was very rich man, who gave loan to Swedish King, who was constantly in embarrassment which was caused by wars. Mr Rosen became one of the biggest creditor for Swedish Kingdom. The King gave him lands in Estonia and in Ingria to cover the debts.

In 1617 King Gustav Adolf II enobled him. The Rosen's name was added additionally the word "weiss". It means white. Also on B. Von Rosen's coat of arms is depicted a white rose, from which has developed the symbol of Roosna-Alliku Manor.

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